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...our jewelry design site! We are happy to provide this site to share our design and jewelry making tips. This site features "quick & easy" jewelry making with E6000 glue! You'll be creating gorgeous pieces in no time at all :) We have used E6000 for years. It is a very strong "liquid solder". After you master the basics, we also encourage you to try wire wrapping! Filigrees are easy to wire wrap as you can just "sew" pieces together through the openings in the filigress.

 Filigree Wrapped 10x8 Vintage Czech Glass Peridot Stones With Old Fleur De Lis Dangles & Filligree Earwires

Vintage Czech Rose Glass Rhinestone Necklace And Earring Set In Hand Oxidized 25x18 And 18x13 Lace Edge Pronged Settings

Oxidized Brass Filigree Wrapped Rhinestone Earrings

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Oxidized Brass "Stacked Setting"
Oxidized Brass "Stacked Setting" With An 18x13 Vintage Resin Cameo
With An 18x13 Vintage Resin Cameo

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Click the links at the top, left of this page to navigate this site. You are now at the "HOME" page. We are aways working on this site and will be adding additional projects on an ongoing basis. :)

See Our STUDIO DESIGNS I Page For Information On Making This Oxidized Brass And Vintage 25X18 Czech Glass Topaz Rhinestone Pendant


Filigree wrapping adds a whole new dimension to your creations. You can wrap stones, old keys, and those plain brass stampings that just need a little embellishment to bring them to life.

In the example below, a vintage key is wrapped with an old "Heart Center" french lace filigree.

Visit the "Filigree Wrapping" page for instuctions on how to filigree wrap stones.

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Having over 30 years in jewelry design, we hope we can give you some easy ideas that will inspire and motivate you to explore and enjoy the wonderful world of beading and jewelry making! Over the years we have found jewelry crafting to be a fabulous mental therapy that can be financially rewarding as well! Be sure to read the HISTORY OF BRASS before you get started! You will find some fun and interesting information there :)

A Leaf And Dragonfly Set In Hand Oxidized Brass Topped With Vintage 8x6 Fire Opals

A Hand Oxidized French Florish Focal Piece With A Vintage Czech 18x13 Alexandrite Stone Set In a Hand Oxidized 18x13 Pronged Lace Edge Setting

Prisms Made With 18mm Czech Beads, Large Oxidized Brass Bead Caps & Oxidized 4mm Filigree Beads (At Tops)

Brooche Made With Oxidized Brass And Old Rhinestones

A Dragonfly Is Wire Wrapped (sewn) Onto The Filigree Cuff Bracelet

A Filigree Wrapped Key Adds A Victorina Flair To This CHARMING Necklace   


Whether you have decided to explore this craft for fun or for profit, we are sure that you will get many days and years of creative fulfillment! So please, sit back, relax and take your time to browse these pages. You never know when one little thing may spur your imagination!

Here you will learn how to assemble various "jewelry findings" (the parts that are used to make jewelry) as well as how to finish your pieces. While this site deals primarily with brass, you can use many of the assembly tips and technics with virtually any metal.

Natural Crystal Point Pendant Wire Wrapped With An Oxidized Brass French Lace Filigree

Filigree Tube Beads Are Made By Bending A Round Filigree Around A Round Metal Rod...hahaha...When You Get AROUND To It :)

Bracelet Made From Gallery Wire (Cuff) With Three Brass Pieces Glued Together And A Vintage Swarovski Crystal Glued On Top

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You'll be a pro in no time! This site features quick and easy crafting using E6000 glue to assemble the  pieces. No expensive tools or equipment is needed! We have used E6000 for years. It is VERY strong & durable. When you are ready, you might also want try wire wrapping. Filigrees are so easy to wire wrap because they can just be "sewn" together by wire wrapping through the openings in the filigress. You can get very professional results, very quickly!

 To get started, click on a page (see links at top left of this page). You can return to this page at anytime by clicking on the "home" page link.


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A Filigree Setting Made By Placing A Filigree Between Two Sizes Of Pronged Settings

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